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The underlying belief behind the Play to Potential Podcast is that each of us has a unique potential and we should try and stay true to that to the extent possible. In the book “100 year life”, Lynda Gratton (one of my professors from London Business School) eloquently argues that we all will live much longer than our previous generation and the world is also likely to be a lot more dynamic than in the past. Earlier, people led careers in 3 distinct phases – Study – Work – Retire. As she says, “if you knew somebody’s age, you knew their stage”. Now the pattern looks a bit like – Study – Sabbatical – Work – Study some more – Start up – Sabbatical – Study – Work… (you get the picture). Transitions have gotten a lot more complex in the world we live in.

This podcast attempts to speak with people with varying backgrounds and attempts to synthesize perspectives around leadership, transitions and careers. Given the spread of topics covered with one guest, there is a reasonable chance that individuals may not be interested in listening to one full conversation with a guest. You might want to zoom in on specific segments of interest and listen to the nuggets that might be relevant for you.

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