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Jeffrey speaks about being true to oneself as a limiting construct. He says that by being true to some version of self in the past, we might be limiting our possibilities.
 • 03m:28s • 
Jeffrey speaks about how one needs to be careful about showing vulnerability while climbing the Corporate Ladder.
 • 04m:57s • 
David speaks about how it is important to signal the right kind of vulnerability when we work with others. He makes the distinction between vulnerability that could get people to question our competence versus vulnerability that shows others that we are human.
 • 05m:34s • 
Manjari speaks about how she embraced her femininity as a Police Officer rather than trying to develop a cold exterior to fit into a world filled with men in the IPS.
 • 10m:54s • 
Manjari speaks about how she manages to stay positive despite the nature of her profession that brings her in touch with a lot of human suffering. She also speaks about how she has managed to compartmentalize the various elements of her life.
 • 10m:12s • 
Being a Lesbian
Dorie speaks about how she has handled the fact that she is a Lesbian ever since she came out as a teenager. She speaks about how people often take their cues from you and we have an opportunity to shape how they relate to us.
 • 05m:34s • 
Rajiv breaks down the notion of Executive Presence and speaks about some of the elements that constitutes it. He speaks about importance of gravitas, credibility, quality of communication and appearance. He also expands on the notion of Authenticity and the link with credibility and presence.
 • 07m:07s • 
Rajiv speaks about how he thought about stepping off the corporate track despite being on a very good wicket at Franklin Templeton. He speaks about the growing dissonance within and the quest for purpose and self-improvement that led him to this path.
 • 14m:12s • 
Atul speaks about the notion of staying authentic and the audience slowly finding you rather than trying to pander to the tastes of any one particular segment. He indicates that he doesn’t start by saying what does the audience want and tailoring his message to the cohort. He says that you need to stay true to who you are and let your audience slowly warm upto you over a period of time.
 • 12m:40s • 
BJ speaks about the ABC of tiny habits – Anchor, Behaviour and Celebration. He goes on to speak about the importance of having an authentic celebration as it causes dopamine regulation that leads to a habit getting cemented in your life. He also urges us to keep the habit tiny before we expand it. He says it is more important to bake the habit even if it is microscopic before we amplify it to the level that would make a meaningful difference in our lives.
 • 08m:10s • 
Sudhir speaks about some of the principles behind building a strong brand and a personal brand. He speaks about a strong brand as one where people might like or hate the brand but will align on the key attributes of the brand. He also speaks about the notion of brand archeology where he says that it is helpful to understand the history of the brand to uncover what it stands for. He finally goes on to speak about how brands should look within and let consumers discover them than being different things to different people.
 • 05m:54s • 
Paddy speaks about why mental toughness is a term that gets used a lot but there is limited research around what it is and how athletes can build it. He speaks about the criticality of embracing the doubts, insecurities and vulnerabilities rather than trying to suppress them.
 • 08m:45s • 
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