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Chris speaks about Roger’s ability to context switch instantaneously from one situation to another. He also speaks about how Roger decided to declutter his plate by choosing to play fewer tournaments when he knew that he could get the ATP points he needed by doing will in lesser number of tournaments.
 • 10m:40s • 
Chris speaks about how Roger thought about his Coaches at various points in time and how he moved from Peter Carter to Peter Lundgren to Tony Roche to Paul Annacone to Stefan Edberg to Ivan Lubicic while having Severin Luthi as a constant in his team. He speaks about his judgment on some of these
 • 08m:58s • 
Alisa speaks about how lonely it is to be a Founder and to manage multiple expectations across a range of stakeholders and when you couple that with the fact that they are often operating in areas where they don’t necessarily have deep expertise, it can be an unnerving experience.
 • 06m:19s • 
Ravi refers to the phenomenon of Stotting found in the jungles where quadrupeds, especially gazelles, spring in the air and lift all four legs off their ground often to signal their fitness to the predators. Ravi speaks about how we all should communicate our capabilities in a crowded and a noisy market. He urges us to focus on Marketing and not Sales when it comes to creating opportunities for ourselves.
 • 06m:22s • 
Dorie speaks about the life cycle of becoming an expert in an area. She speaks about 4 waves involved here – Learning, Creating, Connecting and Reaping. She also speaks about the criticality of transitioning from this to the next wave once we exploit the full potential of that space.
 • 07m:52s • 
Dan speaks about how elite athletes conjure up peak performance when it matters the most. He speaks about how even some of the Olympians experience imposter’s syndrome. He speaks about the notion of neuroplasticity and how this can help performance.
 • 05m:18s • 
Marshall speaks about how one could think about becoming the world’s best at something. He speaks about leveraging parallel experts (people who are experts in an adjacent yet related space) and developing one’s own point of view and a voice.
 • 04m:42s • 
Marshall speaks about the challenges in getting behaviours to stick and the need for a Coach to keep you accountable and ensure that you be at it. He speaks about how he gets somebody to call him every day to get him to ask him a few questions around areas he wants to improve and how that has helped him with behaviour change.
 • 08m:03s • 
Atul speaks about how he derives inspiration from legends like Anand Bakshi and Kishore Kumar to ensure that he creates material that has value a few months down the line. He speaks about resisting the temptation to pander to the “flavour of the month”. He also speaks about the effort involved in creating a special show. He suggests that it takes about a year of work to create an hour of good quality stand up material.
 • 08m:06s • 
Matthew speaks about how we sleep occurs in 90 minute cycles in the brain. He says that in that cycle there are multiple stages of Non REM sleep and REM sleep that occur in sequence. He also goes onto to talk about the various benefits of Non REM sleep (Immune system, memory storage, better blood pressure control etc) and REM sleep (creativity, empathy, reproductive health etc). He speaks about why sleeping 25% less in terms of hours could actually mean getting 60-90% less of REM sleep given the way the 90 minute cycles are organized.
 • 10m:10s • 
Lynda speaks about having a mind set for building something tangible and substantial over the long term which means something than solving for the here and now. She uses the metaphor of cathedrals versus shopping malls to make the point. She also speaks about the tension between building for the long term and staying agile as we try different pathways during transitions.
 • 06m:43s • 
Tasha speaks about the notion of Self-awareness Unicorns, the 50 people they shortlisted from 1000s of people to study them. She speaks about how she arrived at this shortlist and who is in it. She goes on to speak about some of their practices around how they cultivated internal and external self-awareness.
 • 11m:21s • 
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