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Feel like you are not using your potential to the fullest? Thinking about taking a new course or certification to harness this potential? Wait! Hear what Raghu says about the “journey of your full potential” and how you might already know what you need to know! Intrigued? Hear on!
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Thinking of a transition in life? Reflecting upon your purpose in life? Living a life that someone has decided for you? Amish shares a powerful quote from the Bhagavad Gita to conclude this conversation and urges people find to their own uniqueness and ‘swadharma’.
 • 01m:43s • 
Chris speaks about his take on the term – Play to Potential. He also says that whether somebody is playing to his or her potential is a matter of perspective and opinion. He says that Gunter Bresnik (a reputed coach from Austria) thinks that Roger should have won many more Grand Slams and he possibly didn’t quite play to his full potential.
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Tarun expands on what the term Play to Potential means to him. He speaks about how given the human condition only about 7/8th of our potential is being tapped. He speaks about the significant unlock if this could be enabled
 • 04m:13s • 
Rajiv interprets the term “Play to Potential” and shares his perspectives on how we should think about the full human potential and not just limit this conversation to unlocking professional potential.
 • 07m:58s • 
Harsh speaks about how he focuses on doubling down on his strengths than wallowing in the development areas. He also speaks about the criticality of seeking feedback as we go through our journeys.
 • 03m:16s • 
Harish speaks about how we need to have not just focus, energy and discipline, but also creativity and lateral thinking coupled with purpose that we can work towards in our life.
 • 02m:40s • 
Amy speaks about the notion of Team Potential and the power of psychological safety coupled with good process and rituals and techniques and unlock the potential of a group of people.
 • 02m:37s • 
Tom speaks about the notion of infinite potential and how people often fall victim to the end of history illusion where we feel we have become the person we are going to be. He goes onto say that we should stop thinking of ourselves as a fixed identity or that we are at full potential and just be open minded about the idea that we may not be aware of our full potential and be open to something that may come from an unexpected direction.
 • 05m:10s • 
Dan speaks about how we could play to our potential by keeping the concept of death close to us. He also speaks about how we can unlock others’ potential by providing timely feedback to others without falling trap to the notion of eulogy delay.
 • 02m:37s • 
Bruce speaks about how we all need to recognize that there are no linear paths to success or glory or happiness. He urges us to deal with the wolf/ogre/wilderness to get past it and get to a meaningful place. He speaks about how we may not be able to reach our potential unless we become the hero of our own story.
 • 04m:51s • 
Venkat speaks about the notion of playing to potential and why he feels him and a lot of us significantly underplay to our potential. He discusses the criticality of reflection as we go through our journey and the importance of keeping our saw sharpened. He also speaks about the notion of going after efficiency optimization that often comes in the way of understanding the big picture.
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