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8 - Experimenting on the sides - Dorie Clark on Playing the Long Game

Dorie speaks about how we can experiment in adjacent spaces with 20% of our time like they encourage in Google.

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Dorie speaks about how she started with a degree in Theology from Harvard Divinity School and then tried her hand at Journalism, Politics and other fields that has got her to her current role that includes teaching, speaking, writing, Coaching and Consulting.
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Dorie speaks about how she has prioritized her time and attention as her practice has picked up over time. She urges us to raise the bar on meeting people as one builds a brand and more and more people start reaching out for help.
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Dorie speaks about how Marshall Goldsmith (inspired by Paul Hersey) moved from being an effective Coach to start thinking about his legacy and started writing and conceiving of several initiatives including MG100.
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Dorie speaks about the life cycle of becoming an expert in an area. She speaks about 4 waves involved here – Learning, Creating, Connecting and Reaping. She also speaks about the criticality of transitioning from this to the next wave once we exploit the full potential of that space.
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Dorie speaks about networking over an infinite time horizon which often means connecting with people that are seemingly in a different orbit but could potentially be relevant in the future. She speaks about leaning into our curiosity in these kinds of situations.
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Dorie speaks about some of the principles around indexing the Pricing to Value which can be quite nebulous when it comes to Coaching and related services.
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Dorie speaks about how we should think about situations where the green-shots might take a while to appear especially when we embark on something new. She shares some perspectives around how we should think about cutting losses versus persisting and what metrics we should track.
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Dorie speaks about how we can experiment in adjacent spaces with 20% of our time like they encourage in Google.
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Dorie speaks about the time horizon with which we operate and says that if we are able to operate with a longer time horizons, the number of credible competitors around us drops significantly.
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Being a Lesbian
Dorie speaks about how she has handled the fact that she is a Lesbian ever since she came out as a teenager. She speaks about how people often take their cues from you and we have an opportunity to shape how they relate to us.
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