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Stephen speaks about how he initially focused on the business side of things while his father was the “larger than life” thought leader. He speaks about how, over time, his insights around the high cost of low trust have emerged and how he has found his voice a thought leader over time.
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Chris discusses how Roger earned about USD 125 Million in prize money but more than USD 1 Billion in earnings. He says that this multiple is quite rare in Sporting elite circles. Chris speaks about some of Roger’s traits as a businessman.
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Ravi refers to the phenomenon of Stotting found in the jungles where quadrupeds, especially gazelles, spring in the air and lift all four legs off their ground often to signal their fitness to the predators. Ravi speaks about how we all should communicate our capabilities in a crowded and a noisy market. He urges us to focus on Marketing and not Sales when it comes to creating opportunities for ourselves.
 • 06m:22s • 
Dorie speaks about some of the principles around indexing the Pricing to Value which can be quite nebulous when it comes to Coaching and related services.
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Sally speaks about how women need to think about recognition and mastery to move forward in their career. She goes onto say that women often assume that recognition will “just happen” and when it doesn’t they often double down the rabbit hole of pursuing mastery which can come in the way of them being considered for roles with wider scope.
 • 08m:13s • 
Sudhir speaks about some of the principles behind building a strong brand and a personal brand. He speaks about a strong brand as one where people might like or hate the brand but will align on the key attributes of the brand. He also speaks about the notion of brand archeology where he says that it is helpful to understand the history of the brand to uncover what it stands for. He finally goes on to speak about how brands should look within and let consumers discover them than being different things to different people.
 • 05m:54s • 
Tarun discusses how he has crafted his self-assigned space of thinking about issues around creativity and entrepreneurship in Developing countries. He talks about being known as the “clearing house” for something. He also talks about the tension between access to intellectual capital at Harvard and being located closer to the action that he is passionate about. He later goes on to discuss the allocating mechanism he uses to fill his time when he visits the various markets.
 • 06m:30s • 
Ambi talks about how we can all learn from the world of brands to think about our personal brands. He talks about the criticality of sharing ideas that are in line with the what your brand should stand for. He also discusses the criticality of collaboration in ensuring that you are able get the word out about your brand and what you can offer to the world.
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Prakash discusses how one could learn from how FMCG companies build brands in the context of personal brand building. He discusses how authenticity, consumer centricity and choice are critical in building a powerful enduring brand in a certain area.
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These days, personal branding is something that gets talked about a lot. But what is it and why is it important? More significantly, how do you go about creating a personal brand? In this nugget, Abhijit shares four vital aspects of personal branding that you should think about.
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