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Chris speaks about Roger’s ability to context switch instantaneously from one situation to another. He also speaks about how Roger decided to declutter his plate by choosing to play fewer tournaments when he knew that he could get the ATP points he needed by doing will in lesser number of tournaments.
 • 10m:40s • 
Michiel speaks about the criticality of rest and recovery for a leader to be effective. He speaks about how the recovery period could actually spark some creativity and new possibilities.
 • 05m:54s • 
Manjari speaks about how she and her husband (also a batchmate from National Police Academy) juggled their careers and personal lives given the pulls and pressures at various points in time.
 • 09m:28s • 
Ravi speaks about how we could think about measuring our life. He speaks about how he has gone about discovering what makes him distinctive and chosen the various initiatives that he has participated in.
 • 13m:28s • 
Ayse speaks about her origins growing up in Turkey in a family of lawyers. She speaks about how she moved towards architecture and subsequently into Industrial Design. She goes on to describe how the Financial Crisis of 2008 got her started in the space of Life Design. Related Insights from: Bruce Feiler-70.07-Shape-Shifting instead of Resilience (https://playtopotential.com/audio/742)
 • 10m:40s • 
Rajiv speaks about some of the key choices he has made along the way in his journey as a Coach. He speaks about how he kept his North Star front and centre as he thought about various options and possibilities around expanding the practice. He also speaks about how he balances quality of his work with the volume he takes on.
 • 06m:49s • 
Rajiv speaks about how he thought about money when he decided to step off the financially lucrative corporate track. He also makes the distinction between foregoing future upside versus taking a cut on the lifestyle as things stand today.
 • 07m:43s • 
Rajiv speaks about why he chooses to work with the leader as a whole and not limit himself to the professional elements. He speaks about how some of these elements are intertwined and why one has to approach this holistically to be of value to the leader.
 • 07m:07s • 
Lloyd speaks about how we need to think about maintaining a margin across four domains: physical, emotional, financial and spiritual. He links it to the thinking of Jim Collins in the context of his book – Great by Choice. He says that businesses need to have some buffer and margin to deal with good luck and bad luck that come their way.
 • 08m:18s • 
Lloyd speaks about how he has slowly moved from emphasizing success to significance to satisfaction. He lays out the distinction between these terms and speaks about what it takes to move towards satisfaction.
 • 03m:55s • 
Bob speaks about the notion of a Chief Life Officer, and how each one of us can play that role for ourselves as we go through life. He also makes the distinction between what is valuable and what is priceless and urges us to think about the distinction as we think about choices as we often move from being a warrior to a king to a sage in our respective journeys.
 • 13m:18s • 
Darleen speaks about how we need to take care of physical, mental and spiritual energy in these times. Atul Bhandari and Sahiba Singh also share their perspectives around how some leaders can think about staying healthy and productive in these times.
 • 07m:22s • 
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