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Ravi speaks about some of the choices he has made post his corporate career spanning Cummins and Microsoft. He speaks about how he has thought about the portfolio of things that he has architected and how the portfolio has evolved over time. He also discusses how one could think about doing one thing versus pursuing a portfolio.
 • 07m:15s • 
Dorie speaks about the time horizon with which we operate and says that if we are able to operate with a longer time horizons, the number of credible competitors around us drops significantly.
 • 08m:16s • 
Dorie speaks about how she has prioritized her time and attention as her practice has picked up over time. She urges us to raise the bar on meeting people as one builds a brand and more and more people start reaching out for help.
 • 06m:28s • 
Rajiv speaks about how he thought about money when he decided to step off the financially lucrative corporate track. He also makes the distinction between foregoing future upside versus taking a cut on the lifestyle as things stand today.
 • 07m:43s • 
Rajiv speaks about some of the key choices he has made along the way in his journey as a Coach. He speaks about how he kept his North Star front and centre as he thought about various options and possibilities around expanding the practice. He also speaks about how he balances quality of his work with the volume he takes on.
 • 06m:49s • 
Bill speaks about some of the elements of Jeff Bezos’s leadership that make him distinctive. While some of those elements are in-born and hard to replicate, he teases out some of the elements that we could learn and imbibe as we go through our journeys.
 • 19m:01s • 
Bruce speaks about how we live in world today where there is an opportunity for us to architect a life that’s resonant with what matters to us. He urges to be more open about taking cuts in compensation in the short run for us to pursue what we really love.
 • 07m:33s • 
Ashley speaks about how we should think about bringing time affluence in our lives. She speaks about the notion of time being a collective resource and therefore the need for us to engage our friends, our family members and our colleagues at our workplaces to move from cognition to behavioural change.
 • 07m:31s • 
Ashley speaks about the notion of Time Poverty and how it is structural and psychological. She goes on to say that while have more time for leisure now than in 1950s, we still “feel” time poor. She speaks about the role of technology in exacerbating this further.
 • 10m:40s • 
Ashley speaks about how having a number attached to a unit of time can sometimes lead us to optimize for money thereby leading to us solving for the short term while missing out on some of the elements required us for us to be effective and happy in the long run.
 • 06m:03s • 
Ashley speaks about two broad archetypes in the world – Morgans (people who prioritize money) and Taylors (people who prioritize time). She speaks about how this impacts some of our daily choices and some of our macro choices. She goes onto say that interestingly enough Taylors often end up making more money than Morgans. She links it to how this is often impacted by our upbringing and the impact on our overall happiness levels.
 • 11m:31s • 
Atul speaks about how he straddled the two worlds concurrently – one in which he was running an IT business, the other where he was an emerging comedian. He speaks about how these two ecosystems were very different and how he moved from one domain to another. He also speaks about how doing more stand up made him better in his IT job despite getting busier.
 • 08m:49s • 
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